Jurong West

    "We could vividly remember our son crying as we wheeled him into Daystar on the first day of his N1 class. The teachers were attentive and took pains to pacify him for at least 2 weeks before he felt comfortable with his new environment. As the 4 years went by, we could see that he has blossomed into a cheerful kid who is more expressive than anyone in the class as compared to the apprehensive child that he was then. And the inculcation of good values like love, respect and responsibility were also crucial in those formative years. We want to thank the teachers and all staff who have always been caring to him; be it in school work, extra-curriculum activities or even the daily chores like administering medicine, meals and routine care for the kids. Thank you Daystar!"

    Jocelyn Chua (Mom of Shachah Chua)



    Hi, Daystar Holland

    My child, Trinity Goh, has been with Daystar since N1. Through the 4 years of preschool, I see that she has grown to be a happy and confident girl.I am impressed by the dedication of your teachers. I would like to compliment the following teachers:

    1) Mrs Viviene Ong Mrs Ong still remains as Trinity's all-time favourite teacher/principal :) Children's feelings are very truthful, they reciprocate love. Mrs Ong has shown care, concern and love for Trinity. The little chats and praises have added boosts to her confidence. Thanks to Mrs Ong for handling all the admin matters for all these years, a heroine behind the scenes.

    2) Mrs Amy Although Mrs Amy has not taught Trinity before, I always feel very good seeing her in the mornings when I take Trinity to school. She will always greet Trinity and myself Good Morning. It is very pleasant to see her smiling face. I appreciated the time when she showed us around when we first registered Trinity. She was very patient and clear in her explanation. Good job, Mrs Amy! You are a true veteran!

    3) Mrs Nancy, Chen lao shi and Zheng lao shi Mrs Nancy, Chen lao shi and Zheng lao shi were Trinity's first teachers. I was amazed by the abilities of these teachers handling all the new kids, moulding the foundation and setting the discipline of the kids. Trinity can still remember Zheng lao shi's motherly care of tying up her hair everyday. Special thanks to Mrs Nancy for recognising Trinity's early ability of grasping concepts. I appreciated her constant encouragement for me to continue focusing on Trinity's strengths and working on her weaknesses.

    4) Mrs Mindy Mrs Mindy is a very kind, gentle and helpful teacher. She would always talk to Trinity and explained to her patiently. She was very concerned about Trinity's weakness for not being able to work with others. Thanks to her for pointing out this to me, giving me a chance to really work on this weakness. We appreciate a lot.

    5) Mrs Susie Trinity will come back and tell me "Mrs Susie cares for us a lot you know. She is like you, Mommy, she wants us to be good." Mrs Susie is a bible teacher to Trinity, instilling good values in her. Not only Trinity, I love to see Mrs Susie dance too! Great job, Mrs Susie! Your hoarse voice is all worth it!! You have turned many into angels; I know you have turned my little devil into an angel!

    6) Lin lao shi Lin lao shi is the disciplinarian for Trinity. I am glad that she is always there to discipline her whenever needed. I am appreciative of the feedback and advice that she gave me during the PTMs.

    7) Miss Wendy Miss Wendy is a very enthusiastic teacher. She will send emails to parents, updating them of what is being taught in class, setting extra worksheets for the kids. For such young kids, she understands that they will learn better through the visual way, so she will search for youtube videos for them. Through my chats with her, I feel she has put her heart and soul into her job. She is very passionate about teaching and will analyse different ways of guiding the kids. I am very appreciative that Miss Wendy will call me to discuss with me on how to work together to guide Trinity. So much so that Trinity knows that she can't lie to me about anything, as she knows Miss Wendy will update me! Trinity's words: "Miss Wendy is a very good teacher. She really cares a lot for us. I will miss Miss Wendy very much." I have picked up many things from Miss Wendy, I will miss you a lot too! An A* teacher!

    8) Aunty Carol and Aunty Helen Thank you to these 2 Aunties for handling all the facilities of the school. Thank you for feeding the kids. Trinity likes your cooking very much. She will come back and tell me the ingredients and request me to cook the way you cook! Thank you. Like Trinity, I am sad to leave Daystar and at the same time looking forward to a new chapter of my little girl's life. I am sure, with the solid foundation that all of you have set for her, she will be able to handle and adapt well into Primary School.